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Why start a homeschool tutorial?

As an organization we exist to partner with and equip parents to take ownership of their children’s education. We believe that through this partnership we will raise up the next generation of church and community leaders, by giving them a quality education, biblical worldview and a strong community of faith. 


It truly takes a village and we want to help create space for that village. 



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Art Class

What's the plan?

We offer organized classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45am-2:30pm, that cover CORE subjects: language arts, history, science, math and Bible - in a format that sets children up for academic success and a lifetime love of learning. We also provide resources and guidance for families to continue that education at home allowing scholarly and biblically based homeschooling to be attainable for more families.

Learning to Read

Do you want more info?

Click below to send us a message and we will reach out and answer all of your questions.  

Learning to Read
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